Swiss Bakery

The most delicious and healthy products are in Swiss Bakery, made with the best raw material market

Non-fat bread

Non-fat breads

  • Swiss bread
  • Snow bread
  • Nut bread
  • Baguette bread
Special bread

Special bread

  • Braid
  • Chocolate braid
  • Tessin bread
  • Focaccia bread


  • Weggli
  • Smemeli
  • Prezel
  • Mini braid
  • Mini chocolate braid
  • Mini nut bread
  • Mini snow bread
  • Mini swiss bread
  • Mini baguette

Snacks and croissants

  • Cheese pie emmental
  • Croissant
  • Chocolate croissant kinder
  • Cheese croissant emmental
Snacks and croissants


  • Apple pie

    Apple pie

  • Vanilla bread

    Vanilla bread

  • Fruits quarks

    Fruits quarks

  • Chocolate muffin

    Chocolate muffin

About us

Swiss Bakery wants to give Medellín a little more of the Swiss gastronomy, with the best and healthiest products.

Stephan Battaglia
Stephan Battaglia Owner
Alejandra cubillos
Alejandra cubillos Manager
Gedaz Castillo
Gedaz Castillo Marketing


Swiss Bakery, Inc.
Mall Las Vegas cra 48 #7462 local 104,Medellín, Colombia
In front of Poblado Station T: 034 2660079
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